Sunday, 24 July 2011

Training Break

As both coaches will be overseas from today till 22 Aug, the SJI Judokas will be taking a (well-deserved) break till late August.

Meanwhile, make good use of your time to catch up your studies! =)

SJI got SILVER in National Judo Championship!!!

Our heartiest congratulations to our 'C' boys for securing a silver medal after a gruesome fight with Hwa Chong Institution for the team even on 13 Jul 2011.
Mark Chee (202)
Delvin Indratjuatja(202)
Hariharan (203)
Lim Dewei (205)
Marc Wei Jie (205)
Zachariah Ow(208)
Lee Chien Ta(210)
Thant Zin Tun (109)

In addition, our boys also achieve the following individual results
C div light weight category Bronze - Marc Fernando 205
C div feather weight category Silver - Mark Chee 202
Looks like all the hardwork really paid off. This is our best results ever!!
Well done boys!!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

CCA stand-down

Our last training will be this Wednesday 20 Apr for everyone to prepare for their examination.
CCA will resume 16 May 2011.

Good luck everyone!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Kyu Competition 10 April 2011

Some of our boys in action -
Ben put up a good fight against his Hwa Chong opponent, it was a close call. Eefan (Dewei) and Eugene did well by going into quarter finals.
Hari and Zheng long also made it through to second round.
We had support from one Sec 1 boy Richard, who stayed throughout the day :-)
Last but not least, THANK YOU COACH Yee Ling for coaching the boys!
We hope that we will do better in the next round.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Some inspirations for all of us

Here are some video of our boys in actions a few years ago..

Will we be able to repeat history and claim our glory once again? =)